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Hi, I am Sabine Carter and I would love to tell you a little bit about my descart art prints.

When you are buying a descart print you are supporting local Queensland artists. At the moment it’s just me but my goal is to take in young emerging designers and give them the chance to sell their work. So watch this space!!

With your descart print you are also supporting local suppliers. The printers that I am working with are all located in Brisbane. I buy my artist paper in the art supply shop in West End, not far from where I live.

If you would like your print to be even more special, I am happy to sign it for you, just send me a short message. All the prints go through my hands - no drop shipping or ‘printed in China’.

People are always amazed how many books we have in our house. What can I say? I just love reading and I often wish I would have more time to explore different writers and topics. When I was 18 and had just finished school, I wanted to become a librarian or maybe one day have my own bookshop. Both options needed me to communicate with people and back then I was a typical introverted teenager and didn’t talk much. Studying to become a graphic designer seemed to be a better option as I loved art too. My art teacher at school was thrilled as he thought that I had potential. Now whenever I design books or magazines I am glad that I can combine these two passions.

As a visual person I love going to contemporary art exhibitions, watching a piece of dance theatre or checking out some arthouse movies - all this feeds my imagination and helps me to develop new ideas.

Did I mention that I love being a graphic designer? Even if I try something else for a while, I always come back to it. It’s the creative process that fascinates me most. A word document turns into a beautiful children’s book (Jodi and the Turtle) and a business name turns into a colourful logo. 

In 2016 a comment on Facebook about the lack of Townsville related designs turned into a series of 6 vintage inspired travel posters. The success of these posters made me really happy and inspired me to design more Queensland related artwork and to create descart, so that I can share my designs with the world!

I am currently working on other topics that interest me like strong women, architecture (I am married to an architect!) and environment. And I am sure there will be more in future.

Originally I am from Germany where I graduated with a Masters in Visual Communications (just before everyone had a computer and before Google). My classes included photography, analytical drawing, painting, life drawing and typography to name just a few. I am still grateful to have this solid foundation for my creative practice.

End of 2006 my family and I moved to Townsville and since 2017 my husband and I live in Brisbane. I feel that I could nearly call myself a Queenslander! It is a beautiful place. I love the rainforest and have dived along the Great Barrier Reef. I love the surf and the amazing islands that line the coast. I feel lucky to live in Brisbane as it has a lot to offer for someone like me who loves both: vibrant culture and pristine nature.